Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Save Decaying Teeth and Prevent Pain With Root Canal Treatments

Every dentist knows how patients feel about root canal treatments. These tooth-saving procedures have a terrible reputation among dental patients as being incredibly painful and something to be feared and avoided. With today’s advanced dental technology, though, root canals (or “endodontic therapy”) actually come with very little discomfort and a lot of benefits.

When decay or damage reaches the soft inner pulp of a tooth, infection often occurs. Once this infection sets in, the patient usually develops extreme pain in the affected tooth, and the only choice is to either extract it or perform a root canal treatment.

If the tooth is extracted, it will need to be replaced by a bridge, implant, or partial denture, but with root canal therapy it can be saved quickly and easily. During this procedure an anaesthetic is used to numb the tooth so that you will feel nothing at all while your dentist works. Then your dentist will drill out the infected tissue, replace it with inert material, and put a temporary filling in place until a crown can be placed to completely rehabilitate the tooth.

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